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Opportunity Insights: Track the Recovery

Link to the tracker (explore the data):

4/21/22 (Not all data is still up to date, but very topical datasets such as consumer spending and job postings, among others, are)

I find the employment and consumer spending data to be the most interesting. It basically shows that low income Americans have borne the brunt of the recession, yet their costs of living have increased. They are basically sustaining the recovery through a combination of debt spending and government transfers–obviously not a sustainable solution.

There is also useful data on new cases and deaths due to COVID. Really a trove of information.

See below for a description of the tool from the organization:

“How is the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the economic prospects of people, businesses, and communities across the United States? Traditional economic indicators lack the timeliness and granularity needed to answer these questions rapidly. The Opportunity Insights Economic Tracker combines anonymized data from leading private companies – from credit card processors to payroll firms – to provide a real-time picture of indicators such as employment rates, consumer spending, and job postings across counties, industries, and income groups. Rather than waiting weeks to see where the economy is falling and playing catch-up, the tracker offers the capacity to spot economic problems as they emerge and develop targeted, evidence-based policy responses – providing a powerful new tool for economic policy in the age of big data.”