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Interactive Data

Interactive data is an incredibly powerful tool. It allow us to view complex issues with a comparative focus on a specific variable (or set of variables). The internet allows for instantaneous access to this information, if you know where to find them. Below is a list of powerful interactives I have found over time.

Please be sure to email me if you know of any good maps I missed. Provide a link and I will add the map to this page.

Broadband Internet Subscription Rates by Metropolitan Area (America)An interactive map highlighting the digital divide in American metropolitan areas.

Climate Change Map: This map offers a drop-pin system, where you can track average temperature changes over time, anywhere in the world.

IMF At-A-Glance: All active IMF programs in a world map interface. Click on a drop-pin for a summary and links for more in depth analysis

“Democratic Decline”: An interactive showing the number of Democrats and Republicans that have been elected across state and federal elections from 1900-present.

“EPA GHG Emissions From Large Facilities MapMap of greenhouse gas emissions from large facilities (power plants, refineries and factories).

Explore U.S. Government Subsidies NYT: An interactive map, you can explore state and local subsidies by state in total and per/capita measures.

The Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas, just unveiled online by the nonprofit World Resources Institute’s Aqueduct project, maps the state of freshwater globally. The interface allows companies, investors, governments or any other interested party to visualize and compare water conditions, from the continental scale to the local one.”

Corruption Perception Index (Transparency International): Maps out transparency ranking by country, as determined by Transparency International, a well respected international NGO.

Political Stability Map: World Map, sighting “conflict, terrorism, the rule of law as well as the regulatory and business environment. It also focuses on emerging risk areas and structural challenges (The Political Risk Structural Index) affecting political stability such as resource security, societal resilience and infrastructure readiness”)

World Poverty Clock: Real time poverty estimates for every almost every country in the world until 2030.    

Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX): A UN administered  portal to access and visualize humanitarian data in real time.


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