Normative Narratives

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Inflation Reduction Act? How Can Spending Be Disinflationary?!

Not all spending has an equal impact on the economy, society, or inflation. Some spending can actually reduce inflation in the long run by making us more productive or increasing competition and supply in imperfect markets. Continue reading

The Progressive Case For More Moderate Policies

If President Trump has had any positive effect on American politics, it’s that people are more engaged than ever. Think about it, when was the last time you heard that lazy complaint that “both parties are the same”? Not only … Continue reading


Starved of New Ideas, the GOP Goes Back to “Starve The Beast”

“Starve the Beast” The GOPs tax plan was the first part of a two-tiered approach to reduce the size of the government–it was never supposed to “pay for itself“. In order to keep the deficit from growing after cutting taxes, … Continue reading


Economic Outlook: European Youth Unemployment, Public-Private Partnerships and the “Magic” of Fiscal Stimulus

Original Articles: Reuters “European leaders agreed on new steps to fight youth unemployment and promote lending to credit-starved small business on Thursday after deals on banking resolution and the long-term EU budget gave their summit a much needed lift. The … Continue reading