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Economic Outlook: The IMF Weighs in on Fuel Subsidies; BRICS Unveil Plans to Build Their Own Development Bank

The IMF released a research paper on Wednesday stating a fairly obvious point; that large fuel subsidies put a drain on government budgets, sapping resources that could be used on arguably more important programs: “Developing and industrialized countries should rein … Continue reading

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Its Human Rights, Stupid!

Two weeks ago, the Obama Administration hosted a summit in Washington D.C. on countering violent extremism. With terrorist organizations such as ISIL and Boko Haram massacring people with relative impunity, high ranking government officials from around the world, representatives from … Continue reading


Economic Outlook: The G20, Austerity v. Stimulus, Growth and the Right to Development

Original article: “The Group of 20 nations pledged on Saturday to put growth before austerity, seeking to revive a global economy that “remains too weak” and adjusting stimulus policies with care so that recovery is not derailed by volatile financial … Continue reading


Conflict Watch: Oil Sand and Renewable Energy, a New Case for a Carbon Tax / Cap and Trade

An interesting piece in the NYT about how a less incentive-laden renewable energy sector in Europe is actually helping the industry grow “sustainably”: “Europe used to be nirvana for companies in the clean-energy business, but in the past couple of … Continue reading

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Conflict Watch: Egypt’s Impending Humanitarian Crisis

There has been lots of media coverage over the past two years of the civil unrest in Egypt following the ouster of Honsi Mubarak 2 years ago. While political jockeying continues amongst members of the Muslim Brotherhood (Mr. Morsi’s Sunni … Continue reading


Transparency Thursday: Is Your Heating Oil Company Stealing Your Money and Making You Sick?

Hey everyone. It has been an exciting week for me, starting my internship at the UNDP. Lots of great people there working on some of the most pressing issues facing the world today (and looking forward into the future). As … Continue reading


Conflict Watch: The End of Team America World Police (Part 1)

The United States has by far the largest military in the world. Tomorrow I will get into the numbers, so for now you’ll have to take this information on good faith. The American military has been a global force for … Continue reading


Transparency Thursday: Climate Change, Pollution, and Premature Death

Here at Normative Narratives, the negative impacts of Climate Change are always a hot-button issue. In previous posts, I have examined the linkages between climate change and drought / conflict and assessed the sustainability of development in the BRIC countries. … Continue reading