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Monday Morning QB: Dreaming of a Big Blue Christmas

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Hello all, happy holidays, not gonna do the usual Monday review of sports as it is the holidays. But I did want to spread some holiday cheer around Giants nation today after that tough loss yesterday versus the Ravens.

The Giants are 8-7, and no longer determine their own playoff destiny. However, if the Packers beat the Vikings and the Lions beat the Bears, a win gets the Giants in. Definitely not the sure thing a playoff berth felt like a few weeks ago, but still worth tuning in and keeping a close eye on the week 17 action.

After all, the Giants we’re 7-7 after a disappointing week 15 loss to the lowly Redskins last year. Everybody counted the Giants out after that game—they we’re terrible!! That is until they made it to the playoffs on the last day of the regular season with a 9-7 record.

The rest, as they say, is history.

The Giants have an opportunity to make lightning strike twice (three times?). If the Giants make the playoffs, all bets are off. Every NFL analyst marvels at how the Giants seem to be able to “turn it on / off” on any given week. You simply cannot count out Coach Tom / Eli when it comes to crunch time. Unfortunately the Giants missed a huge opportunity by not winning yesterday, and they’ve admittedly looked terrible the last few weeks, but it is certainly not time to “cuncel da season”.     


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