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Monday Morning QB: Jays Continue to Fly High

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No time really today, right in the middle of finals. Lots of NFL playoff shuffling going on, including a 3 way tie atop the NFC east.

How bout the Blue Jays though? Trading for reigning NL Cy Young award winner R.A. Dickey. Their Rotation going into next year: Dickey, Romero, Johnson, Morrow, Burhle….wow. Not to mention their revamped lineup.

The Blue Jays seem “all in”. Perhaps they realize with the Yanks trying to get under the luxury tax, and the Red Sox a few years away from contention (probably), this is their time to make a run for it all. Lots of their contracts are short term deals, but they can always keep the team together if works–no salary cap in baseball.

The Yanks seem to be keeping pace, resigning Ichiro, Kuroda, Mo, Pettite, and bringing in Youk to fill A-rod’s spot.

Footballs in full playoff-race mode, the New York Knicks are beasts, and all I can think about is the 2013 MLB season.

I’ll try to get some quick updates the next few days, back to full tilt by Thursday, thanks for bearing with me folks. Lets get some good questions for this Fridays Q & A!


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