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Update: Still High on Jays…

The Blue Jays continue to keep their checkbook open this off-season, signing Melky Cabrera to a two year, 16 million dollar contract. Cabrera was on pace of a career year and possibly a  batting title in 2012, before testing positive for PEDs. Cabrera, a switch hitter with 5 tool talent, is in the prime of his career at 28 years old.

Off the field issues aside,  at 2 years 16 million dollars Cabrera was another steal for the revamped Blue Jays. Some teams may have been wary because of the PED issue, but I would not be too concerned. Being a Yankee fan, it has been evident since day 1 that this kid has what it takes to be an important part of a winning MLB team.

I know this won’t be the last time I say this, but I wish the Yanks still spent money and took Melky back, we never should’ve gotten rid of him in the first place.

Anybody know a good bookie? I gotta get my Blue Jays WS bet in before the odds start going down…