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I have cleaned up the blog, we cannot have our good ideas derailed by slopping spelling and editing by yours truly.

Also, I would like to take this opportunity to layout the weekly format of Normative Narratives. This info is already on Facebook, but as my consiglieri pointed out, not everybody has Facebook, so here it is:

“Monday Morning QB”, “Tuesday Conflict Watch”, “Wednesday Economic Outlook”, “Transparency Thursday” and ” Q & A” Fridays will be weekly fixtures.

Also check in regularly for at least one new post each day!

Comment, get involved, you can decide what direction the blog goes in. Any questions asked in the comment section / FB page will be addressed at latest every Friday. I encourage you to post or email any and all questions, the more you ask the more fun Q and A Fridays will be.

Lastly, you can take Normative Narratives with you on the go! Download the WordPress app (available for ios and Droid, check your app store for availability). With this app, you can check Normative Narratives or any other WordPress blogs you may follow, and its FREE!

Check back later for our first Q & A Friday, and have a good weekend everyone.



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