Normative Narratives

Holiday-Watch, Thanksgiving: Appreciating the Real Heroes in Your Life

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Blogging is glamorous and all that, but as I have said from the start it is about having a strong network of people. This is true not only of this sites contributors, but also the people out there working hard everyday to make sure normative narratives can bring you important current events with that signature NN over-easy perspective that just seems to reduce complex issues to simple ones.

While we’re on the topic of community, tomorrow is the first Q & A Friday and I have 1 question so far, step your game up people.
Back on topic. I am talking of course about my parents Judy Zerden and Hank Zupnick. They spare no expense for me, so that I do not have to cut any corners with this blog; notice the simple domain name and the fact that there are no adds on the blog, a nice change of pace from most sites wouldn’t you say? Not only that, but they have paid for all of my education, without which this blog would not exist.

So in the spirit of the holiday season, I wanted to be the first to wish all my followers an early happy thanksgiving. Think of the people in your lives that make your world go around, and thank them for helping you be the person you are.


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