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Welcome to Normative Narratives

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Hello everybody,
I have created this blog as a place to discuss a wide range of important issues in the world. If it we’re up to me, I would focus on sports, politics, economics / economic development, international governance, conflict / crisis management, climate change, current events and media–and to a large extent it is up to me and this blog will focus on these issues.

However, the success or failure of this blog also depends on you, the user (convenient for me huh?). In order to make a blog interactive and feel more like a community, an active discourse between the moderator and posters must be kept up. I encourage you to challenge my points, and send me ideas (based on current events for example) that are important to you, that take me out of my element and challenge my ability to think critically.

As the name implies, normative narratives is a place to talk about how you think the world should function. This is an arena where you can discuss anything and everything important, cutting through the red-tape of political correctness and racial sensitivity. I believe these things inhibit our ability to say what we really mean, reinforcing stereotypes instead of challenging and breaking them. What better place for uncensored debate than a website with no affiliation or financial backing; Let the games begin!

Email me at if you have a story you would like me to bring attention to or give insight on.

I look forward to teaching you all some things, and learning from all of you.

–Ben Zupnick


One thought on “Welcome to Normative Narratives

  1. Hey Ben, its Tim. Sort of forcing a reply to help kick things off.

    Tomorrow is a general strike here in Madrid, protesting the government. Obviously, I support the general idea of striking and public protest. But, on the more individual level – one more person amidst of a crowd of thousands doesn’t do much. Am I (pretend I’m a Spanish dude) better served working tomorrow or trying to earn a buck, or joining in on the protest?


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